We always look for the best and the brightest and Mercury MENA aims to provide every opportunity we can to help our current and prospective staff. We are willing to invest in training and development and provide the support and experience you need to help you fulfil your potential.

Within our graduate programme you will focus on core skills training to develop the personal and professional skills needed to establish yourself within your role and the graduate community. You will also focus on career development initiatives to help you manage your future career. Our structured training programme takes two years, during which graduates will have the opportunity to work in a series of interesting and varied roles, and develop a range of skills and experience. During each rotation stage in the programme, a specific graduate role will be assigned offering the opportunity of carrying out a real job with set targets and training objectives. Each graduate will have a professional mentor and coach. The graduate will be recruited in their penultimate year for the programme. They will then be provided with a work placement during the summer prior to obtaining their degree and access to the Mercury MENA Graduate Programme after qualifying.