Oman Botanic Garden
Oman Botanic Garden is a botanic garden currently under construction in the Arabian Peninsula. It is located close to Oman's capital city, Muscat, and will be open to the public in a few years. The garden is a governmental project and part of the Diwan of Royal Court. The aim of the project is to conserve the biodiversity and botanical heritage of Oman for a sustainable world. The project will do this by displaying the entire flora of the country in naturalistic habitat-style plantings and will include extensive exhibitions about plants and how they are used. The 420ha site of the botanic garden is located within the Muscat capital area and was selected as for its ease of access, for its beauty, dramatic landscape and plant diversity, with 10% of Oman’s native flora already naturally present.
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Project Facts:
Al Khoud, Oman
Court of Royal Diwan Oman
Main Contractor
Carillion Alawi LLC