From the time of our establishment, Mercury MENA has been governed by certain core values that have defined who we are, described the character of our company and shaped our corporate culture. They reflect what is important to us as an organisation. It is important for us to define the core values from which we develop our brand, and our business strategies as we grow the scope of our business and expand into new regions. These values are constant and stand steadfast as guidelines that do not change over time or circumstance. They are the cornerstone of our company and guide how we conduct our business and make decisions.
Customer Aligned
We proactively anticipate future trends and customer needs. Through constant innovation we are directly on the cutting edge of technology and progress, generating value for our clients through our services, experiences, and accomplishments.
Building through Seamless Technologies
We remain flexible and adaptable, fostering high performance teams which ensure our company’s future long-term success.
Committed to Delivering Expectations
We are committed to the highest standards in our beliefs, in our practices and performance. We believe in total commitment in everything we do in order to achieve the results we seek for both our clients and the company. We have created an environment of trust through straight talk, clear feedback and constant reality check procedures. We ensure that our goals and activities are based on our ability to deliver what we promise.
A Culture of Engineering Excellence
We are open and transparent in all that we say and do, delivering always on the promises we make, following fair business practices and maintaining the highest standards of integrity. As a believer in responsible corporate behaviour, we actively promote the sustainable development of society, the economy, and the environment.
Highest Benchmarks
We set the highest professional standards for ourselves achieving them through rigorous, disciplined and efficient practices in all our business and work processes.
Empowering Teams
We keep an unwavering focus in helping our staff meet their goals. We believe in the value of our employees and the worth of their contribution, and we rely on their input and insight for our shared success.