On behalf of all of us at Mercury MENA, I am delighted to welcome you to our website. You will find that this website offers an informative gateway to our world.

Our success has been the result of a collaborative effort between Executive management, staff, partners and stakeholders as we work together to profitably grow the company and build value. Our senior management team is implementing our long-term strategic vision, with numerous initiatives that are designed to leverage our strengths, make us more cost efficient and viable, and guide the company for the years to come.

We are a business poised for growth. Our mission is to keep expanding by moving into new neighbourhood, looking for the best opportunities and developing and refining our services and scope. Wherever the future takes us our clients are always at the center of our thinking. This is an exciting time for Mercury MENA as we evolve into a truly international organisation that understands businesses. We have a multi-cultural, multi-skilled task force that is qualified and experienced to take on just about any requirement that our clients ask for.

We believe in sustainability and that is not just about green practices. It means that we are prepared to carry our core competencies into the future, building a company that is robust and successful. It means that we are committed to our environment, to the communities we serve, to the people we work with and to our projects, ensuring their longevity and health.

Our strength has always been in our recognition of the fact that this company is made up of people. We value that more than anything else. We take our obligation to provide them with a safe and rewarding work experience very seriously.

Just as serious is our commitment to our clients and shareholders. Our true success comes from the trust we have earned building quality relationships through dedication and uncompromising effort and we look forward to establishing lasting relationships.

Our people are committed to helping find solutions to problems. If you have any questions or enquiries about us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team looks forward to talking with you.